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The Exciting Roulette Game

The Exciting Roulette Game

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Spice Up the game with your friends tonight⚡! 

With our Exciting Roulette Game, you and your friends can have hours of fun and laughs as you determine who's going to be the next victim in a tense atmosphere!

This Electric Shock Roulette is a really fun party game to play with your friends, especially as a truth-or-shocking game.

The thrill starts when all the friends insert their finger into a bucket and the light indicator starts moving, and the screaming starts when the buzzing sound stops and one of the friends get hit by a virtual current😈!
So grab you friends, select your mode, press start ,place your fingers, and see who gets the shock! 
⚠️ Note : The shock isn't very intense but it is enough to make you jump a little! It's more the nervous anticipation that makes this so much fun.

Why This Is A Must-Have!

✔️ Suitable for 2-6 players so it can shock 1-6 players At one Time, and the more people will play , the more exciting is going to be !

✔️ The virtual current generated by the lie detector does not harm the human body.

✔️ With three suction cups under the bottom which can stick on the table, anti slip, making sure not falling off.

✔️ Great gift for family picnic holiday games birthday party drinking parties.

✔️ Made of high quality of ABS plastic, sturdy, lightweight, waterproof, non-deforming, durable.

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